Accessories for your GembaRed Rave USB Powered Red LED Strip

Accessories for your GembaRed Rave USB Powered Red LED Strip

The GembaRed Rave brings the red light party where-ever you go! We designed a very simple and versatile red light that you will find useful to help add a little extra healing and sleep-supporting light into your life!

However, we know the GembaRed Rave is not a complete solution. We design tools for biohackers, it is up to you to decide how to use it best to fill the gaps in your lighting environment.

Will you use it as room lighting, back-lighting, or LLLT? Will you have it ready to take on-the-go, or keep it stationary?

While you consider your many options for applications of the GembaRed Rave, we recommend reviewing our list of recommended accessories to help make the Rave even more convenient and useful.

The links provided are not affiliate links and we do not specifically endorse any of the products linked. These are merely to illustrate the options available to you to customize your GembaRed Rave experience.

Outlet Adapter

The key piece of equipment to get your GembaRed Rave running is the right USB adapter. In our modern life USB charging adapters and stations are everywhere! We expect most people already have outlet adapters from their phones, tablets, and other USB charged devices.

If not, or you are looking to get another then its no problem! USB chargers are cheap and plentiful. Just look for ones that provide 5V DC and about 2 or more Amps.

For extra luxury, get one that has multiple USB ports! Just make sure the Amps is higher to support multiple devices! For example, a 3 Amp USB charger with 2 ports can support 2 GembaRed Raves, or 1 Rave and one cell phone to charge.

USB multi-port splitter:

USB multi-port splitters can also be handy to support multiple USB devices including the GembaRed Rave. Just be sure the Amps supplied to the splitter and being output to each port are enough to power your devices.

Power Strip

Many modern power strips also have built-in USB charging slots. They can also help add a few extra feet of length from the wall, and provide extra outlet slots for your other devices.

Power strips that have individual switches on each outlet port also adds a convenient on/off function for your GembaRed Rave (see below).

Battery Bank:

For the ultimate use of the GembaRed Rave, take it off the grid with a Charging Battery Bank. These are typically used to charge phones, but will work to run a GembaRed Rave for at least several hours depending on the size of the battery. This also ensures a pure off-the-grid DC current to guarantee no flicker from your Rave! Make sure to find a high-power battery bank that provides 5 Volts and at least 2 Amps current, low power or small battery banks won't do it!

On/Off Switch:

At GembaRed we view on/off switches as a basic commodity easily found on the internet, which is why they are not included in our products!

Outlet on/off switch:

USB on/off switch:

USB on/off switch WITH Dimmer!

USB-to-USB Extender:

Sometimes you need a little extra reach to get your Rave into those hard-to-reach places. In that case, a USB extender cable will get you the extra length you need!

Mounting Accessories:

Do you want to mount your Rave along a wall or railing? Some items to hold it in place:

Double-Sided Sticky Tape:

Get your hands on some heavy duty double-sided sticky tape to run your GembaRed Rave.

Strip Mounting Clips:

There are a variety of mounting clamps as well that may use screws or adhesive.

Electrical Tape:

When all else fails some Electrical Tape or even Kapton Tape can be a durable way to tape up your GembaRed Rave into it's final destination. For a little extra reflection, some Aluminum reflective tape can help.


Keep your lights secure and diffuse the light gently in a simple enclosure!

DIY LED Bucket:

Perhaps you will go all-out and integrate the GembaRed Rave into your very own DIY brain therapy device!


There you have it, just one or two accessories on this list could turn your GembaRed Rave from a simple biohacking tool, to a cool solution! Let us know if you have other questions on how to use the GembaRed Rave, or submit your own DIY solutions with the Rave to be added here!