Red Light Therapy Versus The Sun. Why Not Both?

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Red Light Therapy Versus The Sun. Why Not Both?

There are many articles of certain photobiomodulation (PBM) devices "Versus" others. Like The Highlander, a common fallacy is to believe that "there can be only one" ultimate PBM tool. We think PBM products are highly specific to the user and application.

We recognize there is a place for infrared saunas, far-infrared mats, near infrared saunas, heat lamps, lasers, LED devices, D lamps, wake-up lights, SAD lights, DIY tools, and many more. All of these have very appropriate and important therapeutic applications.

Unlike Christopher Lambert's character, I don't plan on lopping off the heads of my competitors to achieve The Quickening. The only real competition that we should be worried about is the Sun!

The sun is the original source of light for the planet! It provides the full spectrum of wavelengths we need for life. Humanity has thrived for many years without having to isolate specific frequencies for health. Like our article on Vitamin C, would you rather take an ascorbic acid supplement, or eat organic goji berries?

The sun provides us with the ultraviolet (UV) light required for vitamin D production, which is an important hormone for life! The blue light from the sun helps to wake us up in the morning and cut off melatonin production. The GembaRed light panels do not emit wavelengths of UV or blue, so this is where D lamps or SAD lamps would be appropriate if the sun in not accessible!

People may be wary of too much sun exposure due to the UV and blue. This is where the red and near-infrared light from the GembaRed Groove or early-morning sun can help. By getting the right wavelengths early in the day we can help the body "digest" the sun's energy!

The sun is the original source of far-infrared heat. Ever lay out in the sun and start sweating? That is the far-infrared waves resonating with the water molecules in our body; heating us up, creating exclusion zone water (EZ water), improving circulation, and getting our heart pumping. If we don't have time or access to the sun, we need to consider far-infrared heating devices to help us detoxify.

The sun also provides red and near-infrared light as well, similar to the GembaRed Groove. Depending on your location in the world and weather factors, the sun could be providing around 23.6 mW/cm^2 in the red and near-infrared range (1). Whoah, that is more than the GembaRed Groove of 7 mW/cm^2! However, the GembaRed is concentrated over 3 beneficial wavelengths of red and near-infrared, and the suns wavelengths are spread more evenly over the red and near-infrared region. We estimate that the human body is very well tuned to absorb the photons from the GembaRed Groove, because we evolved to absorb a similar intensity from the sun.

In the evening our ancestors would experience more of the red and near-infrared frequencies from sources such as the setting sun or campfire. The GembaRed Groove at night can simulate those natural wavelengths and help signal our body that it is time to go to bed!

When we use our GembaRed Groove panels at the appropriate times, such as the morning and evening, we can ensure a complimentary benefit with the energy from the sun!  When the sun is not accessible, we must consider using PBM devices as a substitute. This can be an important part of our holistic strategy to use light for biohacking health.


(1) Hart, Nathan S. A New Perspective on Delivery of Red-Near-Infrared Light Therapy for Disorders of the Brain. Discovery Medicine. September 19, 2016.


*Disclaimer – the information provided in this article is meant for educational purposes only and are the expression only of the personal opinion of its author. We encourage consulting a certified wellness practitioner if you think Red Light Therapy, Light Therapy, or the Sun would be helpful to your wellness goals.