Phthonos Cleaver Daytime Lens

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Phthonos Cleaver Daytime Lens

Fashionable and versatile blue blockers for artificial light in the daytime including florescent lights, computer professionals, and video gaming.

Our wide acetate Cleaver frames with our anytime Gamer lens make the perfect combination for comfortable blue and green light reduction.


Cleaver Frames

Slash through blue light with our Cleaver frames. These frames offer wide coverage with our fashionable style. With a glossy black exterior and translucent red inner accent these frames are great for both casual and office environments.

Despite its size our Cleaver frames use specially formed ultra-thin acetate to keep it lightweight and balanced. Acetate frames are widely regarded as the highest grade plastic for glasses as they are adjustable, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting.

Reverse spring hinges allow the frames to flex to nearly any head shape, and the acetate temples can be additionally molded to perfect comfort.


Computer Lens

Phthonos Daytime lens is specially formulated to reduce 35%+ of blue and green light. This makes our Gamer lenses the most versatile blue blockers on the market for day or night protection.

Features & Functions of our unique Computer lens:
  • Reduced glare from LED and fluorescent lights, and digital screens such as laptop, computer, phone, and TV
  • Enhanced contrast towards red spectrum
  • Minimal color loss for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Natural "warmer" hue versus other lenses with yellowish tints
  • Stay alert and sharp with excellent full spectrum light transmission
  • Subtle protection from both Blue Light Hazard and Melatonin Suppression
  • Anti-Reflect coating for more attractive look and reduced veiling glare


Put together our Cleaver frames and Daytime lens offer a fantastic cosmetic combination that reduces blue and green.

Frame: Phthonos Cleaver

Material: Acetate
Color: Gloss Black Exterior with Transparent Red Interior
Hinge: Reverse Spring
Head Size: Large
Dimensions: 55-18-145

Weight: 25.5 grams

Lens: Daytime Lens

Color: Light Rose
Material: CR-39 with dual-layer tint and AR coatings
Anti-Reflect Color: Violet/Blue
Blue Reducing: 40%+ from 400nm-500nm
Green Reducing: 35%+ from 500nm-560nm

Total Light Transmission: 71%

What is Included:

1. Phthonos Cleaver Frames fitted with Daytime Lens
2. Hard Travel Case

3. Cleaning Cloth

Note: These glasses are not approved for driving at night. Usage in working environments or delicate tasks must be reviewed for safety.

Best used facing a computer monitor, television, or handheld device. Peripheral light may cause reflected artifacts on the inside of the lens.