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Near Infrared and Red LED Light Therapy

The GembaRed Gravy is our advancement of Red and Near Infrared technology!


- 4 Wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared Light
- More Near-Infrared (invisible) spectrum for deep penetration
- Less Red means less visible light for nighttime use
- Same lightweight and sleek design as the GembaRed Groove
- Same low-EMF design as the GembaRed Groove

The GembaRed Gravy offers a different spin on our infamous GembaRed Groove LED Light Panel. The Gravy light incorporates high-quality 830nm LED chips in addition to our proven formula of 630nm, 660nm, and 850nm. The 830nm wavelength is a highly studied wavelength that is a tremendous addition to our already great LED panel designs.

As we know sunlight contains as much as 43% of near infrared light, so we formulated the Gravy to cover more of the near-infrared spectrum as well as shifting the balance towards near infrared light. This is great for targeting deeper tissue penetration, recovery, and repair. It also features the same great Red wavelengths of 630nm and 660nm which are optimal for superficial treatments. When red and near-infrared are paired together they form an amazing synergy.

All of these great improvements are still packed into our lightweight and easy to use format. This allows the Gravy panel to be versatile for travel and multitasking! Great in the office, couch, bedroom, or on the go!


Wattage: 45W LED Panel


60 Red 630nm,

60 Deep Red 660nm,

45 Near Infrared 830nm*, and

60 Near Infrared 850nm*

       *note that the Near Infrared bulbs do not emit visible light


Distance from Panel         Power Density

0.25 Inch                            7.0 mW/cm²

1 Inch                                 6.9 mW/cm²

3 Inch                                 6.5 mW/cm²

6 Inch                                 5.4 mW/cm²

12 Inch                               2.4 mW/cm²

Weight: 3.4 lbs

Dimensions: 12 inch X 12 inch X 1.4 inch

Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours

Conformance: FCC, RoHS

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Gravy Red and Near Infrared LED Light Panel

- 5.5 Foot Power Cord - US style plug only

- Hanging Wire

Additional Details:

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

Power Supply: AC 85-264V

LEDs: 225 LEDs 0.2W SMD-type

Enclosure: White Coated Thermoplastic case, Black pressed-wood backing


** Disclaimer: This panel is designed for general wellness and information provided is for educational use only. As with starting any new general wellness activity such as fitness, diet, or supplementation; we advise you to meet with your wellness practitioner to ensure there are no contraindications with your current condition. Use of GembaRed LLC products or information does not constitute medical advice or treatment, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your doctor or biohacking coach for recommendations on how to effectively apply red light to your wellness routine.