GembaRed Goal Target Red LED Light

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Targeted and Convenient Red LED Light Therapy

The GembaRed Goal is a 3W compact red light that is convenient and affordable for targeted usage!

**Power adapter is included now!**

Unlike most Red-Light Torches on the market, this light doesn't use inconvenient batteries that need constant recharging and replacement as they die out! It also has a convenient stand, rather than needing to hold it in your hand!


  • Single wavelength 660nm photobiomodulation.
  • Focused narrow 30 degree beam angle reflector lens.
  • Powerful low-flicker 3W LED Light.
  • Sturdy metal frame and glass enclosure.
  • Convenient 12 volt external power connector eliminates the need for batteries and recharging (must be purchased separately).
  • Dust-proof and water-resistant for extra safety and durability.
  • Silent fan-less design.
  • Ultra-low EMF even when holding it in your hand!
  • External power adapter keeps the EMF far away from the user!

The GembaRed Goal allows for a targeted and convenient usage! Most red-light torches need lithium batteries which need constant recharging and extra safety considerations. Our GembaRed Goal is powered by 12 volt DC for versatility and ease.

This light also has a built-in stand for easy usage on a table or bedside! This makes it great as a low-flicker bedside lamp or reading companion! This is the first truly practical dual-purpose red light for nighttime usage!


Rated Wattage: 3W LED

Actual Wattage: 2.6 Watts

Voltage: 12 Volts DC


Deep Red 660nm (specified)

Peak Wavelength 674nm (verified)


Distance from LED         Power Density

0 Inch                                47 mW/cm²

1 Inch                                26 mW/cm²

3 Inch                                9 mW/cm²

Beam Light Spectrum

Treatment Area:  1 inch diameter

Ingress Rating: IP65

Lens Beam Angle: 30 degrees

Weight: <1 lbs

Overall Dimensions: 1.5 inch diameter X 3 inches long (LED housing)

Stand Height: 3 inches

Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours

Conformance: FCC, RoHS

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Goal Targeted Red LED Light

- Base and base accessories

Example Usage:

Pressed onto bare skin for 2 minutes per spot.

Additional Details:

Enclosure: Metal enclosure with glass window

Flicker Measurements:

Flicker Percentage: <1.0 %

*Measured with Radex Lupin flicker meter

EMF Measurements (LED):

0 inches:

7 V/m Electric Field (ambient)              

0.55 milliGauss Magnetic Field (ambient)

(Practically no EMF since we use a high-quality external AC/DC adapter)


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** Disclaimer: This light is designed for general wellness and information provided is for educational use only. As with starting any new general wellness activity such as fitness, diet, or supplementation; we advise you to meet with your wellness practitioner to ensure there are no contraindications with your current condition. Use of GembaRed LLC products or information does not constitute medical advice or treatment, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your doctor or biohacking coach for recommendations on how to effectively apply red light to your wellness routine.