GembaRed Calm Red Book Light

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Coming Soon! These will be available by early September. 

The GembaRed Calm is finally the solution for a Red battery-powered book light!

The Calm book light can finally clip a lightweight red reading light to your book!

- Calming red/orange 630nm LED lights!

- Built-in battery powered light and easy recharge with USB connector!

- No Flicker or EMF by using a stable DC battery!

- Silicone goose-neck for easy adjustments!

- Large lighting area!

- Three different brightness settings!

The GembaRed Calm is finally the book-light for reading at night! It covers a large area with gentle diffuse red light! There is minimal glare and great contrast with our 630nm LEDs!

Most other "Amber" reading lights will still have a trace of blue and green in them! Our GembaRed Calm is the first book-light that is only Red! This makes it optimal for avoiding melatonin surpressing blue and green lights!


Wattage: 3W LED


Red 630nm

Total Luminous Flux: 11 lm


- Gooseneck Length ~

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Calm Red LED Book Light

- USB connector


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We do not currently ship internationally at this time.


Click the link to download the documentation file: Here