Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

** Disclaimer: Answers on this page are for informational and educational use only. Use of this product or information on this website does not constitute medical advice or treatment, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please consult your doctor or wellness practitioner if you have questions about Red Light Therapy for your health. 


When should I expect results when using the GembaRed Red Light Therapy products?

We encourage consistent use of our product to aid in a healthy lifestyle. Like any new supplement or exercise routine that you introduce to your lifestyle, the effects may be subtle or take weeks to notice. The effects work the best when combined with proper diet, sleep, and exercise.

How do I know it is making an improvement?

Here at GembaRed we provide you with a high-quality product and as much information about the product as possible. We encourage the consumer to do their research and due-diligence to ensure that our product is right for their needs and can promote an active lifestyle.

If you would like to quantify your improvements, remember the philosophy of “That which is measured, improves. That which is measured and reported, improves exponentially.” attributed to Karl Pearson. We encourage you to utilize your sleep trackers, health markers, and any other self-quantification tools to measure your improvements, and then share your results!

Your doctor and biohacking coach can also help you outline your health goals and see if red light therapy is a good fit.

Do I have to use Red Light Therapy in darkness?

No, you can use Red Light Therapy in any normal ambient light setting from bright lights to darkness! Feel free to use Red Light Therapy at any time or lighting situation that is comfortable and convenient.

Can I use my Red Light Panel in my sauna?

No, GembaRed Panels are not rated for the heat or humidity inside of a sauna and doing so may diminish their usable life. We also believe that red light therapy is best used in a non-thermal setting per the definition of Photobiomodulation.

How often can I use my Red Light Panel?

You can use your Red Light Panel as often as needed or recommended by your doctor. We generally recommend using it up to 2 times per day for 20min per session. However you could do red light therapy only a couple times a week and still get adequate benefits.

Are the GembaRed products approved by the FDA?

No, the GembaRed LED Light Therapy products falls under the low risk and general wellness categories, which do not require FDA registration as described in the “General Wellness Policy on Low Risk Devices” issued by the FDA on July 29, 2016.

Does GembaRed offer international shipping?

GembaRed only ships within the continental USA. We currently have no plans to expand shipping. This helps us focus on providing the best service possible to the customers in our region.

We found that there were too many problems with international shipments, and we encourage customers to shop for products more local to their region.

Is Red Light Therapy safe during Pregnancy, Breastfeeding?

While red light therapy is generally considered safe and low-risk - certain categories of people have not been clinically studied for safety for effectiveness. We recommend consulting with a doctor to make sure they approve of any new health products such as Red Light Therapy. 

Visit our Contraindications blog to learn more.

Is Red Light Therapy safe for infants and children?

Similarly, we recommend consulting with a doctor to make sure they approve of any new health protocols such as Red Light Therapy. 

If approved by the doctor, then infants and children must always be supervised by a cognizant adult.

Is Red Light Therapy safe for anyone?

Our general rule of thumb is that if it is safe and tolerable for a person to be outside in the sun for 20 minutes, then it is probably also safe for a 20 minute exposure to Red Light Therapy. 

For preexisting conditions, light sensitivities, use of photosensitizers, or photosenstizing drugs, then it is always best to consult with a doctor before starting a new health activity like red light therapy.

What is the difference between GembaRed Panels? Which GembaRed Product is the best?

We recommend considering how you will be able to use a device consistently with your lifestyle. A large full-body panel is very effective for holistic benefits, but will not have portability and convenience. As Mini or Medium Sized panel is much more convenient, but more for targeted usage.

Visit our Quick Shopping Guide to learn more about our products.

How Long Should I use my GembaRed Panel?

Our example usage guidelines are typically posted on each of the individual product pages that give a general exposure time and distance recommendation. Doses may range anywhere from 1 minute to 25 minutes depending on the intensity of the product and what it is being used for.

How do I calculate the dosage time based on distance to the light?

Standardized units are of J/cm^2 (Joules per centimeter squared). If you are seeking a particular dose based on distance from the panel and time, lookup the Irradiance provided on the product page, and follow the formula below.

Target Dose (J/cm^2) * 1000 / Irradiance (mW/cm^2) / 60 (sec/min) = Time (min)

Our accurate Intensity measurements are posted on each Product Page. You can utilize those intensity numbers in our Dosing Calculator blog.

Does red and infrared light have any contraindications?

The GembaRed panels with red and near-infrared LEDs offer wavelengths that are common in everyday life such as from the sun or incandescent light bulbs. As such this is a low risk device that has minimal contraindications. However, as with introducing any new wellness activity such as exercise or supplementation, we encourage you to work with your doctor to ensure there are no contraindications with your current condition or prescriptions.

Visit our Learning Center that covers many areas of safety in-depth.

Can I overdose on red and near-infrared light?

Like most supplements or fitness routines, more isn’t necessarily better!  We encourage responsible use of our product, utilizing our basic information and following instructions from your wellness practitioner. While a high-dose is typically safe, it may not be as effective or efficient.

Visit our Dosing Blog to learn more about the Biphasic Dose Response.

Do I need to wear sunglasses or tanning goggles or eye protection?

Our products do not produce any UV light, so it is not harmful to the eyes. Red and NIR light is generally fine to look at, and at low intensities and doses may be beneficial for the eyes. 

Be aware if you have any light sensitivities specific to you. We recommend initially using the product in a well-lit room to allow your eyes to become accustomed to the brightness of the light. Keeping your eyes closed or looking away from the light while it is near the face is another good option. Please feel free to use goggles or sunglasses as you see fit or if your doctor recommends it.

Visit our eye protection guide for recommended safety glasses for comfort.

Do GembaRed Lights Flicker?

Nearly all lights including incandescent flicker from being powered by the AC mains. LEDs can be particularly troublesome if they are designed with low quality components.

Our GembaRed lights use high quality power drivers to ensure practically no flicker. However, with sophisticated 3rd party testing our lab does detect trace amounts of flicker, so we would be improper to claim "no flicker" like some brands do.

We had our lights tested by a professional 3rd party, and they found the flicker was so low that it had negligible flicker rate. The table below shows that our flicker rate is better than most generic incandescent bulbs.

The Flicker measurements are also found at the bottom of all of our Product Pages.

 Light Type Flicker Rate (Hz)

Percent Flicker

(0 to 100)

0 means no flicker

Flicker Index (0.00 to 1.00)

0 means no flicker

Generic Incandescent 120 13.4% 0.04
GembaRed Rex LED Panel 120 1.2% 0.002
GembaRed Beam 120 1% 0.001


What are the wavelengths of GembaRed?

GembaRed products us a range of different wavelengths in the Red and Near-Infrared ranges depending on the specific product. Visit the product pages to see the exact details.

Has the light spectrum been verified?

Yes! We have had our color spectrum verified by a certified and calibrated 3rd party (and we prove that those invisible LEDs are indeed emitting near-infrared!). Peaks and graphs are found on most GembaRed Product pages. 

Do the GembaRed products produce EMFs?

All electronics will produce some Electromagnetic Fields due to the nature that flowing electrons generate some EMF.

Internal power drivers and fans will also generate more EMFs typically as a Magnetic Field.

Many of our newer products are Ultra-Low EMF like the Improve, Beacon, Vector, and Spazer models because they are powered by an external DC adapter and have no fans. Our older products like the Groove and Rex models have some Electric Field to be aware of, but are generally lower EMF than most of our competitors since they don't have fans either.

The Reboot and OverClocked panels do have internal drivers and fans, which we recommend being 6 inches away anyway to get the best uniform light coverage anyway with distance treatments.

The EMF measurements are provided from professional-grade EMF meters at the bottom of GembaRed product pages.

There is still much to be learned about the biological effects of various EMFs on people. We look to government organizations such as WHO, ICNIRP, and EPA for guidelines on LF exposure, and our interpretation is that generally low-level short-term exposure to EMF will generally go unnoticed and do not compromise health.

We know our customers will be interested in the information on EMFs from our products so we will always prominently display them so they can decide best if it fits in their health goals or if they have a personal aversion to particular types of EMFs. As always, this information is for educational uses and can be brought to your doctor or wellness practitioner for how to best use our products.

Visit our EMF Blog to learn more.

We recommend a low-EMF lifestyle of practicing Grounding (putting bare feet on earth), reducing screen time and electronics, turning off WiFi at night, and using low-EMF products when possible.

Other Questions?

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** Disclaimer: Answers on this page are for informational and educational use only. Use of this product or information on this website does not constitute medical advice or treatment, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please consult your doctor or wellness practitioner if you have questions about Red Light Therapy for your health.