About Us

Andrew LaTour is the founder and owner of GembaRed LLC. He is an experienced chemical and materials engineer with lean Six-Sigma training. Andrew learned about biohacking in 2015 while he was at a Raw Vegan retreat. At the time he was obese, pre-diabetic, and had chronic sinus issues. He embraced a biohacking methodology for the same reason that many people do, he was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Over the past years he has revolutionized his health by dropping over 65lbs, regaining his energy, and improving his immune system.

Always seeking and researching new health upgrades, Andrew was stumped by the light therapy industry. How could it be that the same things that are ubiquitous to our everyday lives (LED lights), suddenly cost so much money?

After thorough searching, Andrew knew what he had to do. Thus, GembaRed LLC was formed to provide customers reasonably-priced LED devices that they can incorporate in their daily lives! It is Andrew’s vision that Red and Near Infrared devices are a common household item, used as often as we use a toothbrush.

Help us reach our vision by buying, using, sharing, and talking about our products!

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