GembaRed Red Light Therapy Panel Quick-Shopping Guide

GembaRed Red Light Therapy Panel Quick-Shopping Guide

If you made it here you are likely debating which GembaRed product is right for you!

Here is a quick summary of the main practical differences of our red light therapy panels, and make sure to look at the pictures to help see how they are different.

Remember to check each individual product page for the full list of specifications and details, which includes 3rd party professionally measured intensity and power output. All of our products have also been industry-leading low EMF and low flicker since we started in 2018 so we won't be worrying about that either in this quick summary guide.

Mini LED Panels:

All of our mini panels need to be plugged-in to run. None of them have internal battery supply.

New! GembaRed Spazer 2.0:


The GembaRed Spazer delivers 5 wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared in a convenient hand-held or table-top unit (with built-in kickstand). It's dimpled convex lenses protrude slightly from the surface of the panel to optimize penetration with the skin contact technique. The intensity is high for this one with only needing 1 minute treatments per area with skin contact. This is preferred for advanced users needing deep penetration. Priced at $299.

GembaRed Mini Portable Red Light Therapy LED Panel Compare

GembaRed Beam:

Our most affordable mini LED panel at $159 with only one Red wavelength of 660nm. But don't let it's small size and single wavelength fool you, it is great for targeted treatment, as bright light therapy and skincare in the mornings, supporting eye health, targeting male fertility organs, and much more.

It can be used with Skin Contact or Non-Contact with narrow focused beam angle lenses and a convenient built-in stand.

GembaRed Vector Red&NIR Panel:

Our original Vector panel offers 4 wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared in a convenient mini size. It has advanced features like select-able Red or NIR (we always recommend using both simultaneously).

Having 2 wavelengths of Red and 2 wavelengths of NIR makes sure this Vector panel is versatile for the widest range of benefits. So if you are unsure what you are treating or want the most possible applications with a mini panel, choose this one.

All of the Vector series panels have an automatic 10-minute shut-off to protect from overheating and overdosing, but can be immediately turned back on for another treatment area if needed. Just be mindful of the device heating up with repeat uses and allow it to take a break when it feels too hot.

All Vector panels are all suitable for skin contact treatment and non-contact treatment. Skin contact treatments will be 5-10 minutes per area. The Vector panels have a built-in kickstand for easy tabletop setup for skincare.

All of our Vector panels are competitively priced at $249.

GembaRed Vector 670nm Red-Only Panel:

This special variant of the Vector panel uses only 670nm with unique diffused lenses. This configuration is in league with some popular studies showing red light therapy can support eye health. Using Red Light Therapy on the eyes for 3 minutes per day in the mornings can support eye health, be great for bright light therapy for circadian rhythms, as well it can support skin health at the same time during treatment with this panel.

GembaRed Vector 810nm NIR-Only Panel:

This GembaRed Vector focuses on using mostly invisible 810nm Near-Infrared LEDs (check the picture above to see all of the invisible LEDs ,no light emitted). The 810nm wavelength is well-accepted in the clinical literature as being one of the best wavelengths for deepest penetration. Add to it the Vector series can be used with skin contact, this makes this panel one of the best on the market for offering the deepest penetration.

This Vector 810nm panel uses only 4 Red 660nm LEDs in the corners to help you see that it is On and properly functioning easily.

Medium-Sized LED Panels:

New Product! GembaRed Improve NIR & Red LED Panel:

The Improve panel is similar to the Rex and Groove panels in terms of size and power output. However, the Improve Panel now has 5 wavelengths, even lower EMFs than the predecessors, and comes with a convenient on/off switch and stand.

GembaRed Rex vs GembaRed Groove Panels:

GembaRed Groove vs GembaRed Rex

The GembaRed Groove and GembaRed Rex are our most popular models that we started our business with. They are essentially the same power, intensity, size, lightweight plastic enclosure, and used very similarly. They are easily used by laying them directly on the skin for 10-20 minutes per treatment. Or for skincare use them 6-12 inches away for 5-10 minutes per treatment.

Visit this YouTube video that shows a demonstration how easily the Rex and Groove panels are used.

If you want to stand the panels on a table to do facial treatments then you can buy a stand separately like this one on Amazon.

The Groove and Rex panels do not have built-in switches, so for convenience you can get a power strip with individual switches like this one to control it.

The GembaRed Groove is our first panel and at a very affordable $299 price. It uses 2 wavelengths of Red and 1 wavelength of NIR. The Groove panel uses 66.6% Red wavelengths making it the preferred panel for supporting skincare and superficial treatments.

The GembaRed Rex is a bit more expensive at $379 and uses 4 wavelengths of Red and Near-Infrared - adding more range and versatility to the treatments. Having proportionally more Near-Infrared (invisible) LEDs than the Groove, the Rex is preferred for deeper penetration treatments.

GembaRed Beacon vs GembaRed Rex:

GembaRed Beacon vs GembaRed Rex red light therapy panel compare

The GembaRed Beacon shares the same 4 wavelengths as the Rex, but is designed more like many other panels on the market. The Beacon has nicer features like an on/off switch, metal enclosure, built-in stand, and external power adapter.

The Beacon panel is more suitable for non-contact treatment with narrow beam-angle lenses and higher intensity output at greater distances away, where the Rex and Groove panels are more ideal for closer skin-contact treatment.

Full-Body Panels:

GembaRed Reboot vs GembaRed OverClocked Red Light Therapy Panel Compare

GembaRed Reboot vs GembaRed Overclocked:

The GembaRed Reboot and GembaRed Overclocked are our full-body panels that are best used upright and standing in front of them at 6-24 inches away for 10-20 minute treatments. This might be inconvenient for some people to be standing for so long, so a smaller panel might be preferred for people that want to do seated treatments.

  • The Reboot panel costs $990 with a treatment area of 36 inches tall (3 feet) and 10 inches wide.
  • The OverClocked panel costs $1490 with a treatment area of 43 inches tall (3.5 feet) and 11 inches wide.

So, in terms of coverage area the OverClocked panel is preferred for taller people and the Reboot is efficient for smaller frames. However the Reboot panel is a great affordable way for anyone to get started as it is similar size to many 36 inch tall panels on the market.

The OverClocked panel offers an impressive 5 wavelengths of Red and NIR, along with advanced features like select-able Red or NIR (again, both simultaneously is almost always best), and built-in timer. The OverClocked panel has mounting holes on the back to purchase a wheeled stand for it separately.

The Reboot panel uses the same 4 wavelengths as the Rex and Beacon, and has a single simple switch at the top, so both wavelengths are always on simultaneously with no selection option. The Reboot panel does not have any mounting holes on the back, so it must be hung on a door or wall with the hanging accessories provided.

Both the Reboot and OverClocked panels have similar intensity output, but the OverClocked is emitting proportionally more power because of it's larger size.

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