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How can we measure intensity from red light therapy panels without spending a fortune on professional-grade power meters and 3rd party labs? Is there a way to get cheap intensity measurements at home to help determine proper dosage protocols? For Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation), knowing the intensity is important to make sure it is not too high that could cause eye or skin damage. And of course, we don’t the intensity too low that the light therapy device has no effect. Knowing the correct intensity allows you to properly calculate your dosage or exposure time especially if you are trying...

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Have any Red Light Panels actually delivered double the intensity of Joovv? Or is it just another failed claim (like >100mW/cm^2 at 6 inches away) caused by using inaccurate solar power meters? We take another dive into the abyss of false advertising in the Red Light Therapy industry.

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When shopping for Red Light Therapy panels, the most prominent feature is becoming the Watts (W). Many red light panel companies are now simply naming their panels by the number of Watts.  Should you get the 45W, 300W, 450W, 600W, 900W, or 1500W model from certain brands? What are Watts and what does it mean?  Is a panel with 5 Watt LEDs better than one with 3 Watt LEDs? Lets first understand the meaning of Watts in red light therapy, and then how to choose the right amount of Watts. What is a Watt? A Watt is a unit of...

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How do you properly measure intensity, power, or watts of a red light therapy panel? For what SHOULD BE a simple measurement, has turned into the biggest scam of the photobiomodulation industry. We set the record straight and recommend affordable laser power meters and 3rd party labs!

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What is the best 250 Watt Near-Infrared Incandescent Heat Lamp? NIR Heat Lamps are a very affordable form of Red Light Therapy that have been used therapeutically for many years! But which brand stands out as the best? Update! Check out our new 2023 review of heat lamps with updated testing and analysis! Click the Link Here. As always, we need to test them out to be sure. Although we can call 250W Heat Lamps a form of Red Light Therapy, it does NOT fit the definition of Photobiomodulation. Where PBM is strictly defined to be a non-thermal interaction of...

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