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How often should we use our Red Light Therapy panels? Can we use them multiple times a day? Do we need a break from using them too often? To figure out how often to use red light therapy, we must understand important concepts like the Cumulative Dose and Rest Periods between doses. We will dive into the important mechanisms of how red light therapy works after a treatment has ended. Although these concepts seem to be common-knowledge in the scientific literature, we have seen very little coverage of these important aspects of proper dosing protocols in other blogs. We will...

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Do women need less intensity with Red Light Therapy? We review the optical window for photobiomodulation, and research how tissue optics differ from men to women. We learn that skin tissue optics, skin thickness, hair, and adipose tissue all can play a more important role in light penetration than wavelength!

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Is Red Light Therapy a Scam? LLLT and PBM are legitimately rooted in science and shown to be beneficial. Unfortunately, as in any industry, some companies may be crossing the line. Especially when it comes to false intensity measurements and medical claims. Is there still time for these companies to correct their ways?

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Sunlight contains the full spectrum of wavelengths ranging from UV to Infrared! Obviously it contains Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelengths too, so does that mean it offers the same benefits of Red Light Panels? We look into the research about the benefits of sunlight, and finally give a practical comparison of Sunlight versus Red Light Therapy panels.

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Parallel to Red Light Therapy and Photobiomodulation, research on the benefits of Bright Light Therapy has skyrocketed over the recent years. As the name implies, Bright Light Therapy exposes a person and their eyes to bright lights. Sometimes using devices like SAD Lamps, Sunlamps, Mood lamps, Light Boxes, Intra-Ear Lights, or Light Therapy Glasses – these devices deliver bright lights marketed to reset circadian rhythms, reduce jetlag, improve wakefulness, improved mood, provide energy and alertness, and improve sleep. Those immediate benefits aren't the only use for Bright Light Therapy, it is now being studied for many chronic diseases!   How does Bright...

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