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 The next generation of red light therapy panels have arrived! The signature feature of the next-next-gen red light panels is the inclusion of pulsing! And handles on the back apparently. As predicted in our previous blog on pulsing, the advent of Joovv incorporating a pulsed mode in their panels has led the way for copycat brands to start incorporating the same features. The shameless "Equate" or "Kirkland" generic type brands of this industry like RedTherapyCo (RedRush) and infraredi are the first major brands to add pulsed features to their panels, and they will be generous enough to offer it at...

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What is pulse and why would you want it? We discuss the 3 main advantages for using pulsed red light therapy! We also discuss what to watch out for when companies are making unsubstantiated claims about pulse, particularly Nogier frequencies!

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