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How far away should I be from my red light therapy panel? This blog we dive into one of the most common questions around the red light panel industry, how far away should you be from your light panel?! Most companies talk about being 6 inches away from their panel. But more recently some companies say 4 inches, others use narrow beam angles and might say 12 inches. When Dr. Hamblin was asked "How close do you want to stand or be near one of these devices?" His answer would surprise most people who have been brainwashed by the current...

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Another day, another disappointing red light therapy product review! This 36W Wolezek Red Light Therapy light bulb offers a super affordable way to start with the benefits of red light therapy. But once again we are disappointed by the much lower intensity than advertised, high flicker, and high EMFs from this light - especially since we have already did a thorough review of a different light bulb on our YouTube channel. At this point it is no surprise that this light bulb false advertises their intensity. It is a systemic issue across nearly all red light panel and bulb manufacturers...

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Can you source a professional-grade red light therapy panel directly from Alibaba? At GembaRed we have been skeptical of Alibaba suppliers over the years. We often get high-flicker, high EMF, and falsely advertised irradiance values.  Our last review was surprisingly positive about SAIDI light's panels. So we wanted to try out another company that has been aggressivly marketing recently. Sgrow has been popular with people searching for affordable full-body light therapy. So we wanted to test them out to see if they are the real deal, and to help everyone understand the dosing correctly. So we ordered the VIG1000, which...

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