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What should you feel during red light therapy treatments? Is it better to feel heat to confirm you got good value, or is feeling heat a sign that the device is too powerful? How do we make sure we are doing true clinical grade red light therapy according to medical definitions, NASA, the FDA, and leading researchers? You may want to know what to expect to feel during red light therapy treatments, especially if you are new to this topic. Or more likely, many people already using red light therapy should be checking the literature to make sure what they...

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 The next generation of red light therapy panels have arrived! The signature feature of the next-next-gen red light panels is the inclusion of pulsing! And handles on the back apparently. As predicted in our previous blog on pulsing, the advent of Joovv incorporating a pulsed mode in their panels has led the way for copycat brands to start incorporating the same features. The shameless "Equate" or "Kirkland" generic type brands of this industry like RedTherapyCo (RedRush) and infraredi are the first major brands to add pulsed features to their panels, and they will be generous enough to offer it at...

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How can we measure intensity from red light therapy panels without spending a fortune on professional-grade power meters and 3rd party labs? Is there a way to get cheap intensity measurements at home to help determine proper dosage protocols? For Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation), knowing the intensity is important to make sure it is not too high that could cause eye or skin damage. And of course, we don’t the intensity too low that the light therapy device has no effect. Knowing the correct intensity allows you to properly calculate your dosage or exposure time especially if you are trying...

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How deeply do Red and Near-Infrared wavelengths penetrate into the body? This is an important topic with much confusion around it. We dig deep into the science and see if we can truly understand the depth penetration, and bust a bunch of myths along the way!

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Do women need less intensity with Red Light Therapy? We review the optical window for photobiomodulation, and research how tissue optics differ from men to women. We learn that skin tissue optics, skin thickness, hair, and adipose tissue all can play a more important role in light penetration than wavelength!

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