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Parallel to Red Light Therapy and Photobiomodulation, research on the benefits of Bright Light Therapy has skyrocketed over the recent years. As the name implies, Bright Light Therapy exposes a person and their eyes to bright lights. Sometimes using devices like SAD Lamps, Sunlamps, Mood lamps, Light Boxes, Intra-Ear Lights, or Light Therapy Glasses – these devices deliver bright lights marketed to reset circadian rhythms, reduce jetlag, improve wakefulness, improved mood, provide energy and alertness, and improve sleep. Those immediate benefits aren't the only use for Bright Light Therapy, it is now being studied for many chronic diseases!   How does Bright...

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As you know I have been very interested in flicker these past few years. Not only can flicker affect our red light therapy experience, but I find flicker affects me everywhere in my daily life. So why do you want a flicker or pulse meter for yourself? - Measure pulse rate from Red Light Therapy or PBM products. - Test for flicker on your light-bulbs, computer monitors, and LED products. - Test for PWM (pulsed width modulation) in dimming products. - Test for flicker or PWM when using a slow-motion camera doesn't find anything. Well instead of sending every single...

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