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What is the best red light therapy bulb on Amazon? We review some of the most popular red light therapy bulbs to see if we can find ones with the best power, intensity, EMFs, and flicker! If you are looking for an affordable entry-level red light therapy product, then this is it! Most of them are under $40! However you still need a lamp stand for most of them, so that is an added cost when looking at these lamps. Also check out our review of these bulbs on YouTube! If they are all similar priced and same style...

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Another day, another disappointing red light therapy product review! This 36W Wolezek Red Light Therapy light bulb offers a super affordable way to start with the benefits of red light therapy. But once again we are disappointed by the much lower intensity than advertised, high flicker, and high EMFs from this light - especially since we have already did a thorough review of a different light bulb on our YouTube channel. At this point it is no surprise that this light bulb false advertises their intensity. It is a systemic issue across nearly all red light panel and bulb manufacturers...

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