The Best Full Body Red Light Therapy Panels on Alibaba! SGROW, SAIDI, Butterfly Island Tested!

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The Best Full Body Red Light Therapy Panels on Alibaba! SGROW, SAIDI, Butterfly Island Tested!

We have gathered some of best full body red light therapy panels available on Alibaba! Not only do they offer some of the lowest prices on the market (because they are literally factory-direct prices), but these full-body panels are high intensity and even have “next generation” features that many expensive brands are promoting recently.

We understand some hesitation from ordering on Alibaba, but Alibaba is just a marketplace that connects manufacturers to customers and businesses. People are likely more comfortable with Amazon, even though Amazon just another marketplace that has been flooded with clever marketing of rebranded products. These manufacturers we selected for this review even sell to several famous name brands.

Red Light Therapy Panels Alibaba SGROW SAIDI BUTTERFLY ISLAND

(Left to Right) SunsRed (Butterfly Island Technology), SGROW, and SAIDI red light therapy panels were reviewed - showing off some of latest generation power levels and features!

As we are writing this now is currently in September, which many Alibaba companies offer extra discounts as part of the “Super September” promotion period. So now might be the best time to get an even better price on ultra low cost red light panels. And we confirmed with these brands that they are happy to sell just 1 panel, since sometimes people think that on Alibaba you need to purchase a big MOQ (minimum order quantity).

When you consider purchasing larger panels or purchasing multiple body-light panels, the cost can reach the thousands for a modular multi-panel setup! We spent less than $1,400 for these three panels in this review - that's the cost of a single Joovv Solo!

We ordered panels from 3 of the top manufacturers on Alibaba, these panels were “in stock” and their standard configuration. We received no special customization or treatment, and you can see the prices we paid below.

Focus on what matters:

With brands developing more and more clever gimmicks, it is easy to lose sight of what matters with Red Light Therapy. Where we know many brands have been selling basic, simple, and effective panels for over 5 years now!

When companies are lying about intensity with cheap solar power meters and focusing heavily on gimmicks – we know they care more about marketing than on safe and effective usage.

What is important to the therapy? The same things Alex Fergus outlined in his 2019 review. It hasn’t changed despite pivots in marketing emphasizing new gimmicks.

  • Power
  • Intensity
  • Wavelengths
  • Flicker
  • EMFs
  • Noise

Which we know that Red Light Therapy studies don’t mention flicker, EMFs, or noise. But Red Light Therapy studies aren’t using modified grow lights either (which is what most Red Light Panel designs are based on). So these retrofitted grow light designs have been problematic with EMFs, flicker, and noise ever since the beginning of this "full body" red light therapy craze.


Now lets look at the specifics on these panels!

Here are the Alibaba links to these panels:

SGROW MaxPro 900


SunsRed (Butterfly Island Technology)

Informational Specifications:



Price ($)

Shipping to USA


LED Rating

# of LEDs

Rated Watts

Beam Angle

Area (cm^2)

SGROW MaxPro 900




5 years










3 years






SunsRed SR-S1000




2 years

3W Double-Chip






Our Measurements:


Consumed Watts




Intensity @ 6 inches (Solar Power Meter)


Intensity @ 6 inches (Laser Power Meter)


EMF @ 6 inches



Decibels at 4 inches




 660 + 850








 660 + 850






SunsRed SR-S1000


 660 + 850







Now we included the solar power meter measurements so you can compare to most of the panels on the market like PlatinumLED and MitoRed. Which we have shown multiple times that all solar power meters read falsely high by over 2x and you can't trust the numbers from most brands.

Red Light Therapy Intensity Measurements Solar Power Meter Laser Power Meter SAIDI SGROW

But for the more accurate measurements that can be used for relevant dosing calculations and safety guidelines, we use a laser power meter. Which we have shown is consistently accurate in correlation with our 3rd party lab testing.

The calculations are simple, and we will show them here for transparency. The number our Laser Power Meter displays is milliWatts, which is a helpful and relevant number to understand. Then we multiply by the appropriate correction factor provided on the laser power meter. Since all the panels here are half 660nm and half 850nm, we average the two factors and get 0.83. Then we divide by the sensor area, which is pi*(0.45cm)^2=0.636cm^2. That's it! Straightforward and science based. It might seem mind-blowing for self-proclaimed experts that are struggling with PAR meter conversions and still lie about intensity anyway.

Butterfly Island (SunsRed): 28 mW * 0.83 / 0.636 = 36.5 mW/cm^2

SGROW: 33 mW * 0.83 / 0.636 = 42 mW/cm^2

SAIDI: 34 mW * 0.83 / 0.636 =  43 mW/cm^2

And we know several companies claim to have lab testing too, but then they choose to ignore the results and falsely-advertise intensity with their solar power meter measurements anyway.


We purposely selected these panels for review because they were similar size, price, and power rating. We think this size is an ideal “body light” size for most people without becoming burdensome in size and weight, but these manufacturers do sell some larger sizes for people who might prefer a “wider” coverage and not have to buy multiple panels.

We are happy to report that the flicker and electric field EMF are very low (lower than incandescent bulbs) in all of these panels! And that they all deliver the wavelengths they advertised!

Alibaba Red Light Therapy Panel Flicker Measurements Radex Lupin Meter Low Flicker

EMF Measurements Red light Therapy Panels Alibaba SGROW SAIDI

While the electric field is usually low in metal panels because they are grounded, the magnetic field can be problematic and high. They definitly aren't "no EMF at 6 inches away" - but it may be an acceptable amount for short doses.

The SAIDI light panel leads in terms of power and intensity, but ended up being highest EMF and price (with shipping). The SAIDI panel offers the programmable pulse frequencies, which could be fun to play with but is usually a detriment to the therapy. The controls aren't particularly user friendly and Alex Fergus mentioned the same frustrations with a similar model as the BS1000 in one of his videos. Which the SAIDI panel also includes a remote control, but we don't like that it is Radio Frequency based (probably should be FCC registered), and you don't get any confirmation with it so you need to check the control panel anyway.

Red Light Therapy Panel SAIDI light pulse nogier frequencies remote control

The SunsRed panel by Butterfly Island Technology panel ended up being the lowest price and has it’s attractive-looking black color and double-chip LEDs! It is the lowest EMF panel and features a simple control panel. But it had the lowest intensity (although certainly sufficient intensity for therapeutic purposes) and the loudest noise!

Noise Measurements Red Light Therapy Panels

Decibel measurements on a simple phone app.

The SGROW MaxPro is a simple red light panel which looks more like a “traditional” panel without any gimmicky features. It certainly offers impressive intensity similar to the SAIDI panel, and is a little lower EMF than the SAIDI panel too. The MaxPro uses name-brand MeanWell power drivers and offers an impressive 5-year warranty! Although when it arrived it wasn't working, and I had to open up the panel and re-connect a loose wire!

SGROW Panel Defective
I gave SGROW some tips on how to avoid this issue in the future and improve quality-controls, so hopefully this won't happen to anyone else!


All 3 panels from Alibaba are impressive and deliver next-generation Red Light Therapy quality at low factory-direct prices. While the SAIDI panel and SunsRed panel offer unique gimmicks like pulsing and double-chips, the SGrow MaxPro focuses on quality and durability with it’s MeanWell driver inside.

None of the panels are "perfect" and have some subtle pro's and con's. Overall they offer plenty of Intensity, low flicker, and acceptable EMF levels!

We test these panels personally so you can be empowered to cut-out the middleman (middle-person?) and save hundreds or even thousands on full-body panel setups! And these manufacturers are highly reputable and are already supplying for several name-brand companies.

It is certainly possible to ask these manufacturers to give you a panel with customized wavelengths and beam angle – so again, don’t let expensive brands fool you into thinking they have something unique or proprietary. It is all coming from the same place, and you can get it much cheaper on Alibaba!

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Thanks for reading! - Andrew