SGrow VIG1000 Red Light Therapy Panel Review from Alibaba

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SGrow VIG1000 Red Light Therapy Panel Review from Alibaba

Can you source a professional-grade red light therapy panel directly from Alibaba?

At GembaRed we have been skeptical of Alibaba suppliers over the years. We often get high-flicker, high EMF, and falsely advertised irradiance values.  Our last review was surprisingly positive about SAIDI light's panels. So we wanted to try out another company that has been aggressivly marketing recently.

Sgrow has been popular with people searching for affordable full-body light therapy. So we wanted to test them out to see if they are the real deal, and to help everyone understand the dosing correctly. So we ordered the VIG1000, which they claim came from their warehouse location in the USA, this way it makes sure it was pre-manufactured and they sent us their standard unit.

We have a huge review on YouTube which compares the SGrow VIG1000 to the Joovv Solo to see side-by-side how they stack up in terms of performance.

Power Consumption:

This is often a popular measurement to compare red light therapy panels. The test is cheap with a Kill-A-Watt meter and tells you actual power consumption. Most companies will list the Rated Power consumption based on having 3 Watt or 5 Watt rated bulbs. We already deconstructed this fallacy that even a "5 Watt" rated LED might only be consuming 1 Watt. So really there is some misleading advertising going on.

Rated Wattage: 1000 Watts (hence, the name VIG1000)

Actual Consumption: 304 Watts


So we can see that the power consumption is reasonably high, but nowhere close to 1000.

Also remember that the Consumed Watts doesn't convert to actual Optical Watts output. There are inefficiencies with power drivers, some power goes to the fans, and LEDs are only 15% to 25% efficient at converting the power across them to actual optical output.


Always my favorite topic to remind people that Solar Power Meters all read falsely high by over 2x, so anyone using a solar power meter is false advertising their intensity. And obviously you can never dose it correctly if you are starting out with bad measurements.

SGROW VIG1000 Intensity Measurement Red Light Therapy Panel Alibaba

This time we measured intensity on the Tenmars TM-206, TES 1333, and the SANWA Laser Power meter.

6 inches away:

Tenmars: 119 mW/cm^2

TES 1333: 103 mW/cm^2

SANWA: 30.9 mW * 0.80 / 0.636 = 38.9 mW/cm^2

12 inches away:

Tenmars: 79.9 mW/cm^2

TES 1333: 70.1 mW/cm^2

SANWA: 26.46 * 0.80 / 0.636 = 33.28 mW/cm^2

Obviously we trust the Laser Power measurements is closer to the REAL LIFE irradiance. We can see how the intensity is easily false-advertised if anyone uses those solar power meters. And different solar power meters have vastly different results anyways! So how can you ever properly dose it?


An underappreciated metric, but if the flicker is significantly high, that modulation of intensity output will drastically change your dosage calculation. With pulsing they use the Average Intensity to calculate dose. If you have a high flickering LED light, you need to ascertain the Peak and Average intensities to actually use it safely and effectively.

And we need to appreciate in that some sensitive individuals may experience flicker distress. The IEEE recommends being under 9% flicker at 120 Hz to be considered "low risk."

 SGROW VIG1000 High Flicker Red Light Therapy Panel Safety

So the flicker percentage is 62.6 and the frequency is at 120Hz. This is VERY high and indicative of a cheap LED lamp or driver. It should be very cheap to use low-flicker drivers and components, like we do at GembaRed. That is why we usually recommend people head over to SAIDI light or Herifi light on Alibaba since we know they already make low flicker panels.


People who are trying to live in a clean environment free of Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity, 5G, WiFi, and other artificial frequencies usually pay attention to the EMFs from their health-related devices. The VIG1000 doesn't have any Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity so we don't expect any RF frequencies, although it might be good to double-check the RF output because some cheap grow lights have been found to violate FCC regulations.

We don't have an RF meter actually, I spent my EMF meter budget on specialized meters for Magnetic Field and Electric Field. Which these are the two main types of fields we look for in Red Light Therapy Panels.

Now remember the REAL reason why all of these big panel companies tell you to be 6++ inches away from the panel IS NOT for any effectiveness reason. In fact moving further away from the light source allows for more skin reflection losses, further reducing your effective absorbed intensity.

Red Light Panel High EMF Safety Magnetic Field SGROW VIG1000

We can see the EMF at zero inches is 68 milligauss (magnetic field) and 331 V/m (electric field). This is very high even for people that aren't particularly EMF sensitive. This is the reason why most panel companies tell you to stay 6 inches away and they NEVER show you this zero inches measurement.

Red Light Panel EMF six inches away SGROW VIG1000

At 6 inches away the measurements are much better, only 1.46 milligauss and 54V/m. This is still higher than most high-quality panels we see on the market so people who care about EMF would probably purchase elsewhere.


For a 300 dollar full-body red light therapy panel seems really good! It works, it emits good power output, has 2 wavelengths. For me the deal-breakers are the flicker and EMF. These should be easy and cheap to design out of the panel, and companies like SAIDI light and Herifi light have already produced low flicker and low EMF stuff for a similar price. So I would still recommend those companies if you are shopping on Alibaba.


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