Alibaba Red Light Therapy Panel Review - SAIDI Light

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Alibaba Red Light Therapy Panel Review - SAIDI Light

In this blog we review a half-body sized Red Light Therapy panel from SAIDI light. We found them on Alibaba during our research, and they seem to be a reputable supplier for several name brands.

Unfortunately, the Red Light Therapy market is a minefield filled with products with inaccurate intensity measurements, high flicker, high EMF, or simply non-functional products. So the only way to know if a product is good, is to measure it yourself!

Well, we save you the trouble of spending hundreds of dollars on test equipment, because we test out this SAIDI light panel in this blog!

Red Light Therapy Panel Alibaba Testing

We take a look at some of the key features that everyone should be looking for in a Red Light Panel. Including:

  • Cost
  • Coverage Area
  • Usability
  • Irradiance
  • EMFs
  • Flicker

That is it! It doesn't matter who you buy from, whether it is a cheap light from Alibaba or a famous name brand - if they cannot provide this information for you, then don't buy it! Simple!

Red Light Therapy Panel Alibaba Data Table

The above summary shows that the BV301 model red light panel is pretty nice! It has an effective irradiance, low EMF at 6 inches away, and very low flicker!

Red and NIR Separate Measurements:

Often companies offer red light panels with separate controls for Red and NIR. The odd thing is that they almost NEVER advertise the power or irradiance for each mode.

Near Infrared NIR LED Panel SAIDI Alibaba

Here we see the BV301 with ONLY NIR on. We can see only half of the LEDs are on in this mode (the purplish glow that the camera can only see, not human eyes). So we should assume that the power drops in half in this mode.

If the customer doesn't know the irradiance for each separate mode, then those modes are practically useless. It seems like they are more of a feature for marketing than for effective usage.

 Irradiance Intensity Red Light Therapy Panel Numbers  Irradiance numbers in mW/cm^2

These measurements are interesting, since we are still seeing a strong irradiance on each individual mode. This is likely due to the narrow beam angle of the lenses. So we still pick up on good irradiance from the LEDs, but half of the bulbs are on. So we can still assume overall half of the effective power is being emitted with more "gaps" of coverage.

Measuring Irradiance Intensity Light Meter Red Light Therapy

Example of how we take measurements with our Sanwa laser power meter. We have shown how this light meter is much more accurate than a cheap solar power meter.


The size of this light is very nice. It is equivalent to most "half-body" or "mini" light panels on the market.

Alibaba Light Half Body Red Light Therapy Panel Size

We see here how the panel can cover about half of my torso, which is fairly equivalent to most half-body lights we commonly find on the market.


The usability of this panel is very nice. It has a built-in stand to make it easy prop up anywhere! Some companies charge an extra $100 extra just for a stand!

Built In Stand Red Light Therapy Panel

It also has the equipment to hang it on a wall or door. So this make this affordable light one of the most versatile on the market to setup in a variety of ways.

EMF Measurements:

Up close to the light we find fairly high magnetic field. This is common for most lights which use high-powered LEDs and cooling fans, so we naturally expect this. The panel is metal and grounded, which explains the low Electric Field Measurement.

EMF testing Alibaba Red Light Panel

At 6 inches away we find there is negligible magnetic field EMF, only 0.33mG! And the electrical field was already negligible even close to the panel.

Low EMF measurement Red Light Therapy

But we can see why most "high-power" brands only tell you the EMF at 6 inches away. That usually implies that the EMF is rather high when you get close to the panel.

Flicker Measurement:

We use our Radex Lupin flicker meter which has helped us measure several lights in the past! It shows us a very impressively low flicker, of less than 1%! Very nice, and on-par with our GembaRed panels low flicker.

Flicker Measurement Red Light Panel



The SAIDI BV301 is a simple light panel, but offers good quality in terms of low EMF and flicker! It is convenient with a built-in stand and hanging options.

This is the direct link for the panel! Note that we do not assume any liability for the quality or safety of the products you receive outside of the GembaRed website. We do not promote or endorse this product, and we get no financial kickbacks for purchases outside of the GembaRed website. This review was for educational purposes only.