GembaRed Lire 2.0 Red LED Desk Lamp

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The GembaRed Lire is a solution as a pure red desk light for reading, study, and tasks!

The Lire LED light has some fantastic features that make it a great addition to anyone who wants to improve their light situation:

- 630nm Red LED lights to help protect circadian rhythm and maintain dark-vision at night.

- USB powered connection to plug in virtually everywhere!

- Runs off of Direct Current (DC) USB power supplies, ensuring a low flicker situation.

- Simple touch control with dim red indicator light.

- Elegant minimalist design.

- USB adapter and cord included!

- Tall 10 inch lamp with two hinges for adjust-ability.

- Can be run off of USB Battery Banks for truly off-the-grid and DC operation!

The GembaRed Lire finally supports the night-owl students, study, work, reading, and late night tinkerers! It is easy to set on a bedside table, desk, or work bench to provide sleep and eye friendly lighting.


Wattage: 4.1W

Power Requirements: 5V DC (USB plug)

LEDs: 14 LED


Red 630nm


- Height ~ 13 inches

- Base Area ~ 6 x 6 inches

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Lire 2.0 630nm Red LED Desk Light

- USB Adapter

- USB Cord

*For ultra-low EMF operation, we recommend this power adapter (sold separately): Jameco Sparkle Power 5V DC - it will also need this USB connector from Adafruit. Or it can be powered by a standard USB battery bank.

Made In China


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it

This is the perfect desk lamp while working at night. It’s nice and bright so I can see my work clearly. I even use it during the day when I’m on my computer just to help decrease the impact of the blue light from my screen. I highly recommend.

such a great red light lamp

i love this lamp! i often work on my laptop at night and decided to get this lamp to turn on as i work. i've seen great improvements in the stress from the screen on my eyes and i'm feeling naturally more sleepy earlier (which is great thing for me as i tend to stay up too late more than i wish i would). it's also cute looking which is a plus. i like that the brightness of the lamp itself is dimmable.

Toni Nicolo-Akre
LED RED Desk Lamp

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister and she and her husband love it!!
I can't wait to get one for myself! My sister, mom and me all have the Nir Infrared light and have really loved it, it has helped with our aches and pains! I think Gambared is a excellent company and the products are amazing! Thanks Gambared ❤️

Zhenya Tupikov
Love it

Love it

Great desk lamp

This an excellent desk or nightstand lamp. It puts out a lot of light and dims quite low. I keep it on my nightstand and have used it on my desk for working, it's very calming and the red light doesn't "burn" my eyes when I am using it for long periods of time. It would be nice if the light head rotated side to side, but it is likely more sturdy that it doesn't. The head and arm do rotate vertically, so the adjusting is quite versatile. I have this and both sizes of Gembared clip lights, and they all serve slightly different roles, they are all fantastic products. Thank you Andrew for these excellent products and all the information and research you give, it's changed my life and I highly recommend and promote Gembared products.