GembaRed Lire 2.0 Red LED Desk Lamp

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The GembaRed Lire is a solution as a pure red desk light for reading, study, and tasks!

The Lire LED light has some fantastic features that make it a great addition to anyone who wants to improve their light situation:

- 630nm Red LED lights to help protect circadian rhythm and maintain dark-vision at night.

- USB powered connection to plug in virtually everywhere!

- Runs off of Direct Current (DC) USB power supplies, ensuring a low flicker situation.

- Simple touch control with dim red indicator light.

- Elegant minimalist design.

- USB adapter and cord included!

- Tall 10 inch lamp with two hinges for adjust-ability.

- Can be run off of USB Battery Banks for truly off-the-grid and DC operation!

The GembaRed Lire finally supports the night-owl students, study, work, reading, and late night tinkerers! It is easy to set on a bedside table, desk, or work bench to provide sleep and eye friendly lighting.


Wattage: 4.1W

Power Requirements: 5V DC (USB plug)

LEDs: 14 LED


Red 630nm


- Height ~ 13 inches

- Base Area ~ 6 x 6 inches

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Lire 2.0 630nm Red LED Desk Light

- USB Adapter

- USB Cord

*For ultra-low EMF operation, we recommend this power adapter (sold separately): Jameco Sparkle Power 5V DC - it will also need this USB connector from Adafruit. Or it can be powered by a standard USB battery bank.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tony S.
Awesome desk light

Incredibly happy with this light especially for reading at night.

Great lamp

I love this lamp! It’s slick and simple design is modern and the red light looks fantastic. It’s perfect.

I love it.

Super recommend this red light lamp. Love that you can increase or decrease brightness, love that you can adjust the lamp head (?) to direct where you want the light to go. love the impact it has on my sleep. Love the look and also how portable it is for travel. 10/10.

Great red light

The desk top light is solidly built and has a variety of adjustable levels of light. I like it very much.

Works great to read in bed when electricity is off

It turns out that I am electrically sensitive, weird I know. But I turn off three circuit breakers that affect my body voltage when I’m sleeping in my bed, and because those circuit breakers are turned off while I sleep, I sleep better, and my health is improving overall. I’m skipping over tons of details, but believe me, it’s worth turning off those circuit breakers! However, that leaves me unable to read in bed as I wind down. So I researched and realize a red light is better than a white light, to help me wind down for nighttime sleep. And I researched trying to find one that wouldn’t give off EMFs that negatively affect my body. I read the reviews at Gambared, And was concerned that some of the lamps might be too heavy on my book/wrists to hold, or to dim for my 55year old eyes to see. So I ended up speaking with a representative at Gambared, through email, multiple times. Many repeat emails back-and-forth. I really appreciated how quickly, I believe his name was Andrew??, replied to me! :-) It felt like a conversation, the email response time was so quick. (Or maybe I used a chat box, I can’t remember.) But either way it was an extensive and responsive communication. He guided me to purchase the table lamp because it has the most brightness. And he even sent me links for pieces I could buy that would attach it to a power bank so no alternating current is involved. Unfortunately, the stores at the end of those links either had high shipping charges for one piece, or a minimum of 10 pieces to get a decent price. But I slowly learned to understand what I needed. I wound up buying an Anker battery pack from Amazon, and the cord between the lamp and the battery pack came from Gamba red, with the lamp. Now I charge the power bank, which has a “low charge option” for smart watches and LED lights, things that carry a low power draw, So I only have to charge my power bank every couple of weeks. Maybe every 7 to 10 days if I’m really reading hard?? All this would’ve been much much MUCH harder for me to accomplish without the responsiveness of Gambared. It was Andrew, I believe that’s the name of who helped me, being so responsive and guiding me and educating me that made this solution work for me. He was correct: I very much did want the brightest lamp they had. And I do have to let my eyes settle down to grow accustomed to it, in order for it to be bright enough to read. But the lamp is ingeniously designed so that you can lean it extensively away from its base, over your book, so I am able to get good red light that is strong enough for me to see and read by. I am delighted with this company and the quality of the product in the customer service.