GembaRed Crane Red LED Reading Light

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The GembaRed Crane is a solution as a pure red reading light, task lighting, and keyboard light.

The Crane LED light has some fantastic features that make it a great addition to anyone who wants to improve their light situation:

- 660nm Red LED lights to help protect circadian rhythm and maintain dark-vision at night.

- USB powered connection to plug in virtually everywhere!

- Runs off of Direct Current (DC) power supplies, ensuring a low flicker situation.

- Metal goose-neck to control the direction of the light.

- Clamp for ease of finding a location and standing upright.

- Can be run off of USB Battery Banks for truly off-the-grid and DC operation!

The GembaRed Crane finally brings into reality a long sought-after product for folks who want to control their light environment. Finally you can use red light conveniently to read at night or perform desk work.


Wattage: 1W LED

Power Requirements: 5V DC (USB connector)



Deep Red 660nm


- USB Cable ~ 4.5 feet

- Gooseneck Length ~ 10 inches

Warranty: 6 Month Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed Crane 660 LED Reading Light with on/off switch and USB Connector

 *Power adapters or batteries are NOT included. Proper electrical hygiene must be applied to use safely and effectively.


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