GembaRed RedMoon Plug-In Outlet Red LED Nightlight

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The GembaRed RedMoon Plug-In Outlet Nightlight is the best red nightlight available!

This GembaRed Nightlight light is very convenient for low brightness red light to assist in gentle night-lighting!

- 630nm Red LED light to help protect circadian rhythm.

- Simple plug-in functionality!

- Automatically turns on when it senses darkness!

- Aims downward towards the ground to help you walk - not out into the room!

- Low flicker light!

- Anti-flicker intelligent controls to avoid flickering in dim-light settings.

Looking for a low-flicker nightlight to help you navigate the hallway, bathroom, or kitchen at night?

Or maybe you just are looking for a bit of red dim light in the bedroom to help with the fear of the dark?

Our GembaRed RedMoon is a simple solution to an age-old problem - finding an appropriate red plug-in nightlight with low flicker!


Wattage: 0.5W LED


Red 630nm


1.3 lm


On - automatically turns on when it detects the room is dim.

Off - Turns off when it detects significant light in the room.

Suggested Usage:

- Use in the hallway or in the bathroom for automatic circadian-friendly light for trips to the bathroom at night.

- Use in the kitchen for extra lighting and for getting water at night.

- Use in bedrooms when needing to provide some comfort against the fear of the dark.

Input Power:

110 V, 60Hz, USA type plug - NOT COMPATIBLE outside the USA


2.375 inches long X 2.375 inches wide X 2.625 inches thick

Flicker Measurements:

Flicker Percentage: 1.5 %

Flicker Index: 0.002

Flicker Frequency: 120 Hz

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed RedMoon Plug-In Outlet Red LED Nightlight.

Made In China


Shipping within the USA is FREE!

We do not ship internationally at this time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jenny Purdy
Best nightlight for newborn life!

It took me 4 kids to find the best nightlight for that newborn phase of feeding and changing diapers throughout the night. My previous ones (regular salt lamps, small nightlight salt lamps, low light nightlights) all disturbed our sleep or left us blinded if we rolled to the side they were on. This light is PERFECT. There's a nice red glow that points down but has enough light to see to change a diaper but isn't blinding and doesn't disturb sleep. I buy them as baby shower gifts now! In fact, I'll be buying another today!

Ronn Seidenglanz
My neighbors think I’m weird.

With my red lights all over the house my neighbors probably think I have something fishy going on. Oh well. I like the lights at night. I would recommend them.

Ashley B
It works

So far so good. It took a bit to adjust to but now I love it!

Eva Alvarez Hernandez
Plug-in outlet red led nightlight

Love this!!! Gives off a soothing feeling. Got for my girls room. We love it

Casey Howard
Nice but expensive

I don’t feel like the benefit of these is worth the cost.