GembaRed OverClocked Body-Light LED Panel

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New Product! Will be available in Mid-November!

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GembaRed OverClocked Body-Light Red and Near-Infrared LED Light Panel

The GembaRed OverClocked Body-Light ushers in a new era of Next Generation red light therapy panels!


  • GembaRed's Next Generation body light!
  • Five wavelength 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm LEDs.
  • 60 degree lens angle for focused power delivery.
  • High intensity delivered at a distance from the user.
  • Ultra low-flicker LED technology.
  • Sturdy metal enclosure and smooth features.
  • Whisper quiet hum cooling fan. 
  • Low nnEMF drivers and no exposure at recommended distance.
  • Shielded power cord to eliminate electrical field emissions from the cord and plug area.
  • Advanced Controller with Timer and Red/NIR selection with easy and intuitive buttons.

The GembaRed OverClocked Body-Light delivers an impressive 5 wavelengths of Red and NIR light in significant proportions and a beautiful pattern. 

We take our standard 3W LEDs and push them to higher outputs with powerful drivers. All while maintaining our famous standards for low flicker and low EMF performance.

The GembaRed OverClocked light has a built-in control panel on the side with simple, intuitive, and responsive push-buttons.

This large body light is ideal to mount on a wall or door (some accessories provided) and stand or sit in front of the device for best effect. 


Rated Wattage: 630W LED Panel

Actual Wattage: 320W

# of LEDs: 210 LEDs

LED Specified Wavelengths:

25% - Red 630nm

25% - Deep Red 660nm

14% - Near-Infrared 810nm*

22% - Near-Infrared 830nm*

14% - Near-Infrared 850nm*

*near-infrared bulbs are invisible to the eye and do not emit visible light*


Distance from Panel         Power Density

6 Inch                                 TBD  mW/cm²

12 Inch                               TBD mW/cm²

18 Inch                               TBD mW/cm²

24 Inch                               TBD mW/cm²

*intensities at 6''-24'' measured from the middle of the panel

Do our power measurements seem low? Find out how our competitors are inflating their numbers! Click Here.

Treatment Area:  41 inch x 8 inch

Total Optical Watts: TBD W

Lens Angle: 60 degrees

Weight: 30 lbs (HEAVY!)

Panel Dimensions: 41.75 inch X 9.25 inch X 2.5 inch

Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours

Conformance: FCC, RoHS

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Whats included?

- GembaRed OverClocked LED Panel

- Hanging cords, adjustable height pulley

- Door Hanging Tool

- 3 Meter Shielded Power Cord - US style plug only

Example Usage:

6-24 inches away from skin for 15 minutes per session.

Use up to 2 times per day on the desired area.

Additional Details:

Power Adapter: AC 85-264V

Frequency: 50/60 HZ

Enclosure: Metal enclosure with white coating

Flicker Measurements:

Flicker Percentage: 0.9 %

Flicker Index: 0.001

Flicker Frequency: 120 Hz

EMF Measurements (front of the panel):

0 inches:

TBD V/m Electric Field                

TBD milliGauss Magnetic Field

3 inches:

TBD V/m Electric Field (ambient)

TBD milliGauss Magnetic Field (low)

6 inches:

TBD V/m Electric Field (ambient)

TBD milliGauss Magnetic Field (near-ambient)


Shipping within the USA is FREE! Please allow 3-6 business days processing time to ship, and an additional 2-10 business days for delivery depending on the location.

We do not ship internationally at this time.


Hanging Instruction sheet: Here

** Disclaimer: This panel is designed for general wellness and information provided is for educational use only. As with starting any new general wellness activity such as fitness, diet, or supplementation; we advise you to meet with your wellness practitioner to ensure there are no contraindications with your current condition. Use of GembaRed LLC products or information does not constitute medical advice or treatment, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your doctor or biohacking coach for recommendations on how to effectively apply red light to your wellness routine.

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