A Warning to the Body-Light Panel Industry?

A Warning to the Body-Light Panel Industry?

In just a few short weeks after launching the GembaRed Oomph Body-Light, we get this letter from Joovv that they have a "pending" patent on lights that can hang on walls and other generic mumbo-jumbo about light therapy lights.

Well a patent isn't technically enforceable until it is actually granted, which would be very impressive if this super generic and sloppy patent would be approved. But I didn't get into this industry to fight with this type of negativity, so I am discontinuing the GembaRed Oomph Body-Light starting on December 30th.

If this patent is approved and enforced, the only thing it will do to this industry is push the manufacturing to companies overseas.

So instead of trying to compete with me on fair grounds, now they have to compete with overseas companies for 1/4th the price. Seems like a pretty silly business move to me, but hey, I'm just an engineer.

Feel free to read the correspondence below. This is an actual scan of the letter that was sent to me, it is my property to share and distribute freely.

[Removed For Discretion]

Feel free to read the PENDING patent itself.


So what do you think? Should this patent be grounds for them to have a monopoly on LEDs that can hang on walls?