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How often should we use our Red Light Therapy panels? Can we use them multiple times a day? Do we need a break from using them too often? To figure out how often to use red light therapy, we must understand important concepts like the Cumulative Dose and Rest Periods between doses. We will dive into the important mechanisms of how red light therapy works after a treatment has ended. Although these concepts seem to be common-knowledge in the scientific literature, we have seen very little coverage of these important aspects of proper dosing protocols in other blogs. We will...

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What are the best white LED light bulbs for health enthusiasts? Can they ever be as comfortable and safe as an Incandescent bulb? Do white LEDs really exist that are low in blue light, balanced with red, low flicker, and low EMF? LEDs are the wave of the future for lighting due to their high efficiency, long lifespan, and economical costs. However, there has still been uncertainty in the health community if LEDs can be safe to use at home. Many influencers have preached that LEDs are inherently and irredeemably dangerous for several reasons. Can we find high quality LED...

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Have any Red Light Panels actually delivered double the intensity of Joovv? Or is it just another failed claim (like >100mW/cm^2 at 6 inches away) caused by using inaccurate solar power meters? We take another dive into the abyss of false advertising in the Red Light Therapy industry.

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How deeply do Red and Near-Infrared wavelengths penetrate into the body? This is an important topic with much confusion around it. We dig deep into the science and see if we can truly understand the depth penetration, and bust a bunch of myths along the way!

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Do women need less intensity with Red Light Therapy? We review the optical window for photobiomodulation, and research how tissue optics differ from men to women. We learn that skin tissue optics, skin thickness, hair, and adipose tissue all can play a more important role in light penetration than wavelength!

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